Guests can choose from a variety of travel, adventure and sports activities (in and around Buzios), including tours and trips, airprot and hotel transfers from Rio de Janeiro, buggy rental, schooner and catamaran trips.
Buzios offers countless sports and leisure options like scubadiving, kitesurfing, surfing, mountain biking, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, boat tours, trekking, hiking, horseback riding, golf, tennis, rental of buggies etc...



Enlarge the Schooner Trip in Buzios [Buzios Adventure Hostel]The rides take between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the ride you choose. During the schooner tours, tropical fruits, juices, soft drinks and caipirinhas are served, and there are also stops for diving. During the course you will go by beaches such as Azeda, João Fernandes, Canto, Virgens, Amores and Tartaruga.To Top



Enlarge 'Catamaran Trip in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]The only boat in Buzios with a glass bottom, the catamaran visits several beaches and islands with stops for diving. This is for groups of up to 18 people. The boat, fitted with all safety equipment required by the Brazilian Navy, has a bathroom, fresh-water bath and a bar. The ride takes 3 hours and leaves twice a day, once in the morning and again at the beginning of the afternoon.To Top



Enlarge 'Scubadiving in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]The Buzios' coastline is rich in sea life, part of it due to the resurfacing phenomenon, which is an oceanic current coming from Antarctica and brings rich nutrients that attract big fish like the grouper, spotted jew fish and giant manta-rays. Corals, anchovies, barracudas and even green turtles can be seen.
We offer baptisms, beginner or advanced courses, and waterproof cameras can be rented. To Top



Enlarge 'Kitesurfing in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]Kite surf is a combination of windsurf, surf and wakeboard: a relatively new sport which has been attracting sports enthusiasts that find in the sport the excitement and pleasure of combining the sky and the sea. It consists in a type of windsurf board and a small kite that drags the board and allows the movement and stunts on the water. Depending on the wind conditions, the kite reaches huge speeds and pulls the surfer across the water as if pulled by a boat.
You can practice kitesurfing with total safety in one of the most beautiful and fun cities from Brazil. Famous among windsurfers, Buzios receives many kitesurfers from all over the world, and its deserted beaches are perfect to learn kitesurfing. To Top



Enlarge 'Surf in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]Buzios has different beaches for practicing surf. Those waves are not only for experienced surfers, looking for radical maneuvers, but for beginners too.
If you want to learn to surf you will find several schools in beach. In the same points you can rent boards.
Wave quality: Regional classic, don't miss it; Experience: All surfers; Frequency: Regular Wave; Power: Fun, powerless; Length: Normal (50 to 150m), Good Day Long (150 to 300 m); Bottom: Sandy. To Top



Enlarge 'Bike in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]Buzios has a lot of trails for practicing mountain-bike and trekking. Most of them, takes you to inaccessible places by cars, where you can appreciate the ecosystem or just relax at the natural pools.
The ways that takes you to incredible landscape views and its particular fauna and flora, are some of the attractions that fascinates the sporting people and ecotourists. To Top



Enlarge 'Windsurfing in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]Buzios is one of the most popular and appreciated sailing sites, with most water sports taking place on the west side of the peninsula.
This is the site where Olympic champions, Lars and Torben Grael are always seen.
National and international competitions are frequently held in the city's waters.
The windsurfers can find good wind and many waves for radical stunts and take the surf classes for beginners with instructor. To Top



Enlarge 'Sorkeling in Buzios' [Buzios Adventure Hostel]An incredible underwater fauna, in crystal-clear water, make Buzios a “live aquarium”.
Underwater, the temperature is around 22°C which is an invitation for beginners and veterans alike.
At the beach line, the rocky shores of any beaches are the best places to go snorkeling.
At some beaches masks, snorkels and fins can be rented.

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